We empower journalists in underserved communities in the US and in post-conflict countries.


Newsroom Development
and Support

AIIR is determined to train African media leaders, journalists, students, and the various institutions in democratic society through the media.

With the wave of changes across the continent, AIIR works with pro-democracy organizations, trains journalists and prospective reporters, and hires the most promising talent to provide continent-wide news and analysis for publications in need of Africa-related reportage and AIIR’s own publications The AfricaPaper, The WorldPaper, The AfricaPress, and PhotoWOX.


Newsroom and Media Leadership - Black leadership is lacking in the major news organizations. AIIR works to train and equip journalists in Black and African immigrant communities.

AIIR also focuses on training journalists, particularly those who reside in “media deserts,” providing the tools of the craft.

AIIR's goals are accomplished by creating opportunities for minority, women, new and aspiring reporters to network with veteran journalists and holding workshops and seminars in journalism related to politics, businesses, and media capacIty building.


Disaster and Emergency Journalism - Helping African journalists and newsrooms to cover the environment, health and natural disasters across Africa and in underserved communities in the United States.

The project also focuses on developIng minority and diverse media leaDers in newsrooms and media organizations. 


Post-conflict Media Initiatives / Projects - Help in restructuring and rebuilding the media in post conflict countries.



Community and
Media Training

AIIR provides media training to journalists and newsrooms in Africa to strengthen Entrepreneurial Journalism, Advance Reporting, Media Education and New Media. AIIR connects reporters in need with veteran journalists who can provide instruction in investigative journalism, multimedia, pitching, writing, and editing.

The AIIR Classroom - this program connects editors and journalism students in
post-confLict countries with international resources, ideas, and experts. The
program strives to reach thousands of students through speaker programs and resources provided to Africa journalism teachers.


Media Education,  and Training AIIR provides media training to journalists and newsrooms of color to strengthen Entrepreneurial Journalism, Advance Reporting, Media Education and New Media. AIIR publishes The AfricaPaper - www.theafricapaper.com

Disaster and Health Reporting AIIR helps Black and immigrant journalists, media, and newsrooms to cover the environment, health, and natural disasters. Training on in-depth infectious diseases reporting such covering Ebola and COVID-19.


Investigative Journalism
and International Media Lab

Investigative Journalism - Training and teaching skills in investigative reporting and producing high impact stories by holding those in power accountable for future generations. The International Professionals Network is designed for young African journalists, media associates, and students to talk with other professionals about their careers or interest in international reporting, entrepreneur, and investigative journalism.


International Media Lab - In partnership with the City of Brooklyn Center in Minnesota, AIIR is currently in the process of establishing the International Media Lab (IML). The IML will provide a location and a conduit for media development to Brooklyn Center’s highly diverse population. This will include media training, Africa-related conferences, mentorship, apprenticeship, internships, and other services to local educational institutions and the community at large.  



Africa Media and
Journalism Summit

AIIR plans and organizes an annual international conference to be held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and the City of Brooklyn Center in Minnesota.

The conference will bring together journalists, media industry leaders, foundations, non-profit organizations, Journalism schools, political leaders, and African business professionals.

The conference will host multiple panels on various topics of interest to journalists who cover Africa including political issues, Africa-related business and economics, and tips for African correspondents. 


Our Publications

The AfricaPaper - publishes news, exclusive world interviews, feature stories, and special reports from seasoned journalists and correspondents from Africa and around the world. Most of TAP’s content is focused on the African continent as well as the African diaspora. 

The WorldPaper - The WorldPaper is a digital storytelling platform to elEvate the immigrant and underserved communities in Minnesota, the Midwest, and across the USA. Through it, AIIR will facilitate investigative storytelling and media collaborations worldwide.

The AfricaPress - reporting Africa one story at a time and from the pages of the inteRnational media. 

PhotoWOX (PhotoJournalism Worldwide Exposition) -  A photo magazine of the best photojournalism and photo essays from unsung journalists worldwide.