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The Africa Institute for International Reporting pursues its missions in various complementary programs:

  • Networking: Network with Africa newspapers, various news agencies to ensure that the articles and stories published in the AfricaPaper reflect issues from most parts of the continent.
  • Media Participation: Invite other media personnel to participate in our activities and contribute to the AIIR’s Publications.
  • Activities: Coordinating with public speakers, conducting forums, seminars, lectures, and conferences designed to enlighten and challenge colleagues in human rights organizations, governments, the media and the newsrooms etc.



AIIR’s operation largely depends on volunteers. Volunteers would undergo rigorous screening processes which would include a comprehensive background check.  After undergoing a successful background screening, the volunteer would be presented to the local branch for another stage of consideration. Qualified candidates must be at least 16 years and older. Volunteers are not paid, and membership is free.


The foundation would periodically run an advertisement through its online media seeking membership. Interested parties can fill out an online application and if they meet the criteria they would be contacted.  A significant amount of the foundation fundraising activities are geared toward training, publishing, and other expenses running the foundation.

Contribute Articles

Report: AIIR will be assisted by competent researchers, partners, facilitators, and a network of reporters and correspondents based in Africa. AIIR would develop and implement projects through an inclusive research process with others involved in related subjects. We also research and write on issues of public concern.


Media Twinning: Linking the media and human rights organizations in post-conflict countries with those in developed countries for a common understanding of how the news is covered and how the media operate in different countries, share ideas and create partnership. 


The Editor’s AIIR:  is a publication of AIIR to be published and distributed in all countries in Africa. Possibly to be translated into different languages. Partners would be African newspapers, magazines, and publications addressing African issues abroad. News contributors would be editors and journalists interested in the project.


Awards: Annual awards ceremony to honor the most courageous African investigative journalists and researchers, news agencies, newspapers and magazines that do the best job in reporting.


Sponsorship + Partnership

Media, Students, and Professionals

The AIIR serves as a media resource institution to enhance the professional development of journalists and the media in Africa. AIIR offers a host of other activities to keep its members well informed on international affairs. Such activities include:

  • Monthly Discussions:  These monthly discussions and panelS enable members to gain new ideas, solutions and contacts in a casual setting with your peers and potential media leaders.
  • Newsletter and Electronic Updates:  AIIR keeps its members updated on headline news including what's happening with the media.
  • Online Directory: The AIIR website maintains an online directory of members, various African publications, journalists, and other resource materials.


Host Events

AIIR Roundtables: Features national and international speakers, this focuses on professional discussions on current news trends in Africa and the Diasporas.


Annual Africa Investigative Reporting Awards:  This premiere competition offers Africa media companies the opportunity to showcase their best reporting and earn the recognition of their peers. The event will be held each November in a gala event.


AIIR Events: This event brings African journalists and professionals together to exhibit their publications and interact in a casual and entertaining media environment. AIIR members receive discounted registration fees to all AIIR events and activities.