Media Collaborations

Minority Community Media - Much like AIIR works to train and equip journalists in Africa, AIIR also focuses on training U.S. journalists, particularly those of African heritage, who reside in “media deserts, providing the tools of the craft.


AIIR also provides information for journalists who cover Africa or has a desire to report from the continent. These goals are accomplished by creating opportunities for new and aspiring reporters to network with veteran journalists and holding workshops and seminars on Africa-related politics, business, and media.


Through its community media project, the AIIR reaches the considerably larger public. These programs give the public the unique opportunity to question important speakers and engage in more personal discussion.


The Africa Media Fellows Program offers a series of quarterly seminars on the international media coverage on African issues to students and groups of future international leaders. AIIR images in collaboratives journalism projects
with local, national and the international media.



Newsroom and
Media Equipment Support

AIIR seeks grants of new and new-ish equipment essential to the craft of journalism such as computers, cameras, audio recorders, and software.


This equipment is transferred to bureaus and newsrooms around Africa and, in some cases, to newsrooms in need in the U.S. to help Black newsrooms to continue reporting on minority issues, justice and policing.


Please send media equipment to:

Newsroom Equipment
AIIR /The AfricaPaper
2738 Winnetka Ave. N., Suite 200F
Minneapolis, MN 55427



PhotoWOX and
Media Exhibitions

Bringing the best photojournalism from Africa, unknown journalists, and from post-conflict countries to the international stage. Each year, AIIR seeks the best photo essays and news photographs captured by journalists across Africa.

Judged by leading photo editors around the world, winners are announced to receive awards and publication of their photos. This is followed by photo exhibitions and panel discussions.

Community Journalism
Funders Network

The AIIR is building a network of media funders to support journalists and the media in underserved African immigrant communities, under-resourced newsrooms, and in post-conflict countries.