The Africa Institute for International Reporting (AIIR) is an independent non-profit and non-governmental foundation supporting journalists, press freedom, and media education across Africa as well as in underserved diasporic communities in the United States.

AIIR also serves as a non-partisan media and human rights consultancy organization, dedicated to media education that focuses on investigative journalism, business and entrepreneurial journalism, financial reporting and media development in post-conflict countries.  


The institute serves as a vehicle to also enhance human rights and political reporting in the African media at the local and international levels.

AIIR strives to help raise awareness and understanding of serious socio-economic and political issues affecting people in Africa, especially in post-conflict countries and the Diaspora while creating an avenue for under-equipped and under-resourced media to report, analyze, and comment on the news about the continent. Sharing knowledge on changes in the media, advance reporting and the business of storytelling.


Our work is made possible by the public, our readers, supporters, partners, donors, training institutions, and foundations. We shall publish donors from $1,000 and above. 



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